Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Apple Green Lemonade

So I just finished doing a 3 day juice cleanse (about 2 weeks ago) and I am still CRAVING the juices every day. This one in particular is one of my favorites. You would think that out of all the juices, a fruit juice would be the most tasty. WRONG. This green juice is amazing. And for some reason, every juice bar I go to cannot make any green juice taste this good.

The cleanse is by the girls who created the BluePrintCleanse where you can order these juices online and have them delivered to your house each day. Which is great and convenient, but turns out to be pretty pricey. So they wrote a book called The 3-Day Cleanse where you can make the juices at home and follow the program. It's a great book filled with a plethora of information on cleansing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet. Not to mention the back half of the book is filled with great recipes. Including this Green Lemonade Apple concoction. They actually call it "Greens with Apple", but to me it tastes like a tangy and refreshing apple-lemonade.

I highly recommend this 3-day cleanse if you are into that kind of thing. I felt incredible during the whole process and afterwards. Not to mention, I lost about 6 pounds which I had packed on during our 2 week honeymoon in South Africa. (Late-night room service of champagne and cheese plates will do it to ya). 

If you are not into juice cleanses or "cleansing" in general, that's totally cool too. This juice is still a delicious and refreshing beverage to start your day. I love having one for breakfast or after a work out to fill my body with all the nutrients and vitamins that are in this one 16 ounce drink. My husband Carlos is also a fan (of course he was hesitant at first seeing that the drink is green and all) and always asks me to make double when juicing so he can enjoy too. Here he is juice-in-hand after a long run. NEON GREEN shirt and all. Matching the Apple Green Lemonade. Naturally.

1 handful of spinach
3 medium stalks of kale
2 golden delicious apples
1/2 large cucumber
1 small handful of parsley (optional)
1 lemon (yellow peel removed)
1 inch piece of ginger root
Makes one 16 ounce drink

Wash all ingredients well with water. Turn on your juicer. (The juicer you have plays a huge role in the success of your juices. I have had 3 different juicers and the Breville Ikon Juice Fountain Elite is by far the best one. Follow instructions according to your specific juicer. Since my juicer has a wide feeding tube, I usually can fit whole apples down there without cutting them in pieces prior. Makes life easier. When juicing, I like to start with the softest ingredients first. In this case the lemon. After the lemon, move onto the greens. You get the most juice from greens by rolling them up into a sort of ball like shape and then pushing them down the shoot. I do this with first the spinach, parsley and then the kale. Then I add the 1/2 cucumber. Next is the ginger root and then finally your two apples. Scape off any foam from the top, serve over ice and enjoy!


Ollie Rodgers said...

Just tried this since I am in the midst of a cleanse and this is one of the things I can have!!!
Did you style that lovely model in a green shirt to compliment to green juice? Love it.

Jacqueline said...

Hi Ollie - glad you were able to try the juice! It's one of my favorites. And lol no, the NEON GREEN shirt was not planned. My husband loves to wear it while running. Sigh. At least he wont get hit by a car! Thanks for following and best of luck with the cleanse!

- Jacqueline