On my honeymoon at Camps Bay in front of Table Mountain
(Cape Town, South Africa).

Mrs Albir. That's me. Just until recently. Well actually (legally), I am still Jacqueline Riley. I will update you when I find the time in this crazy schedule called life to change my last name. I created this page to just give you a little inside scoop on myself and my life. I guess that is somewhat important when you follow a blog, right?

I am recently a married lady (April 7th 2012). And this is a photo of me in Cape Town on our AMAZING honeymoon. Going to South Africa was an incredible experience and really made me fall in love (even more) with the idea of traveling the world. A girl can dream, can't she?

Here I am with the hubs :) at La Colombe, a top restaurant in South Africa rated # 12 in The World's 50 Best Restaurant List in 2010. The food was spectacular (obvi) and took us 4 HOURS to eat all 8 courses. Yep. Carlos had to roll me outta there.

When I'm not cooking and traveling the world (thinking optimistically!), I thoroughly enjoy just spending time with family and friends. The people that make me happy in life. Being outdoors and relaxing by the water is also top on the list. Preferably with a cold glass of wine. Or margarita. Not being bias here.

Before I depart, I would like you to meet the last one of the new Albir clan, Stella Albir.

Here she is incognito with her family of furry animals. Sadly, the only one left is the white horse, Snowflake. Don't let her cute Morkie face fool you. She ripped the heads off each one of these animals and de-fluffed them so nothing was left. Snowflake is the sole survivor.

She does love to snuggle though, and I just can't resist.

 So there you have it. A sneak peak into the life of the new Mrs. Albir. And I must say, life is fantastic. But always better with food :)

Thanks for following and Enjoy the recipes!

- Jacqueline (soon to be) Albir


Anonymous said...

Jackie - I loved your bio! One can only hope to look as fab as you and eat well! I will have to share your recipes with my hubby, who is usually the cook in our house!

Love your cousin, Elena

Helen Savage said...

Just looked at your blog and can't wait to try some recipes. They all look wonderful. I don't cook much these days but this just might give me the inspiration I need!

Love, Aunt Hellie!